A knowledge and networking hub for SME's in the East of England region involved in bioenergy.

Bio-Thermal RED is a demonstration facility for biological (anaerobic digestion - AD) and thermal (gasification/pyrolysis and combustion) technologies to support the increase of renewable energy share in the East of England region. Bio-Thermal RED provides unique test facilities to de-risk key technologies and a knowledge hub, which will facilitate innovation in design, integration, operation and maintenance of AD and thermal processes in the region. This facility will be available to support businesses in integrating new products, processes or services and to offer consultancy and training services by recognised practitioners and researchers with an established track record in this field.

SMEs in the East of England can get access to these facilities and expert consultancy through an ERDF/EEDA grant via Cranfield University.

For information or to discuss further please contact Dr Cecilia Fenech at: c.fenech@cranfield.ac.uk or +44 (0)1234 750111 ext. 2822.

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